DCFS Investigations & Administrative AppealsHandshake at an administrative hearing

Has DCFS contacted you about an investigation? Are you being accused of abusing or neglecting a child in your care? Were you “indicated” by DCFS and looking to appeal? No matter what stage of the investigation you are in, you have the right to representation. What you say during the investigation will impact the outcome. I provide guidance during investigations, and if needed, assist in seeking to unfound an indicated finding. Contacting me as early on as possible can help avoid bigger issues down the line.

Juvenile Court

A DCFS investigation may lead to children being removed from your home and may result in a Child Protection case against you in Juvenile Court. This process is scary and often complex. The outcome may impact whether the children are returned or possibly placed in foster care. It is important to have competent representation throughout this process.

Licensing Appeals

Foster parents, child care providers, and agencies may have their licenses removed if there are allegations of abuse or neglect. This could have serious long-term implications. From working at DCFS representing the Department in licensing appeals, I understand this process and can provide guidance during the investigation and appeal.


Representation During Investigation

$1,000flat fee
  • 60 day investigation period

Expungement/Administrative Appeals

$2,500 - 5,500flat fee

Licensing Appeals

$1,500 - 4,000flat fee

Juvenile Court

$450 - 650per month
  • + Court Costs