An adoption is the process by which parental rights are terminated (either by consent or by the court) and new parental rights are put into place. There are many different ways people choose to adopt.

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This type of adoption is when one family member chooses to adopt another family member. This is most common when a step-parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle chooses to adopt.


Generally, when people attempt to grow their family by adopting an unrelated child, they do so through with the assistance of an agency. An agency can help locate, match, and place a child with the adoptive parents. Although this process can seem daunting, I’m here to help. Whether you are just beginning to look at agencies to work with or you have found the right match and are ready to move the adoption forward, I am happy to assist at all stages.


Sometimes unrelated biological parents and adoptive parents agree that a child will be adopted without the assistance of an agency. This relationship could take many forms and may present different issues than an agency-assisted adoption. We can help you make this the smoothest process possible.


If you are adopting a youth-in-care, you may be entitled to have your legal fees paid through DCFS. Although termination of parental rights has already occurred, there is still work to be done before an adoption can be finalized. This includes reviewing and negotiating the subsidy to ensure that your child receives the financial benefits he or she may be entitled to and providing all legal work to make your DCFS adoption official.

Adult Adoptions

Even adults can be adopted! Because the process of terminating a biological parent’s rights can be difficult, some families wait to make an adoption official until the minor has turned 18. Once the child is an adult, the adoption process is simplified. We can help you finally make your parent-child relationship official.


Related - Uncontested

$1,200 - 2,500flat fee
  • + Court Costs

Unrelated - Uncontested

$2,000 - 3,500flat fee
  • + Court Costs


$1,200 - 1,800flat fee
  • + Court Costs